Best 4G/5G Wireless Modem/Router Plan
As the industry pioneer in networking, Imperial Wireless consistently provides innovative new products to the market that make use of cutting-edge technology to satisfy the ever-changing demands of our clients. This product is no exception. Customers may now enjoy the ultimate Internet connection and wireless router and modem products with this newest addition to our portfolio at a time when having reliable home Wi-Fi is essential for not only work and education but our other routine tasks. Salient features of our 4G 5G router available at a discount price of $19.99 as follow:


Speedy Network:

With latency as low as 1 MS, 5G offers up to 10x the speed and capacity of 4G.

Future generation Wi-Fi:

It enables simultaneous connections from several devices without compromising speed or security.

Technology Edge:

These new network packages between the router and satellite give all devices the fastest possible performance.


Since 5G is entirely wire-free, it is the ideal high-speed option for locations with good mobile network coverage but poor cable or DSL service.


You can use the router as a backup in case your service goes down because it connects to the LTE network even in locations without 5G. You'll be equipped to benefit from 5G once it reaches your region.


Since the invention of the web, cyber-attacks have become a routine occurrence, thus it is imperative that you take every precaution to keep both you and other users of the network safe. It's crucial to look for routers that offer a wide range of security features and network safeguards. Our router provides your network with the highest security in this aspect.

Wireless Availability and Functionality:

Wi-Fi connectivity and speed can be significantly impacted by the distance between a device and the router. Our product ensures that signal strength reaches all sections of your home, not just those that are nearest to the router, by generating a strong and wider signal.

Setting Up and Maintaining:

With our services, you may get simple setup and care instructions for routers, making it a typical simple procedure. If you're not particularly good with technology, we can send one of our professionals to your residence to assist you.


Data transfer rates over the router are measured in terms of bandwidth. To avoid bottlenecking, our router plan can handle the speeds you are paying for. Our router package can resolve your bandwidth issues.

Connecting Devices:

The increased the number of operational devices are on a network, the greater the load on the router to maintain ideal speeds. Prioritizing the connectivity of our routers enables fast speeds even when everyone is using the network, especially in a home with numerous gadgets.


All of our routers will occasionally be eligible for an update, whether it be a basic security improvement or a more sophisticated firmware update. Most of our models will update themselves automatically.

Connecting with modem:

Our routers enable devices like phones and PCs to connect directly to the modem and access the web. It establishes a direct connection with best wireless router. Routers act as a bridge between the networking connection and the computers, phones, and televisions that wish to access the network. It connects to the internet by physically plugging into a modem.

Moving around:

Users can easily move their PCs anywhere in the house as long as they stay inside the signal's range. No need to rearrange network cables. For instance, you may have placed your laptop computer in the bedchamber. You are working on a critical project for the business on a particular day. Even though it's late at night, you keep working on your computer but you don't want to wake your family members. You may easily bring your laptop into the living room. The facility will still allow you to access the net, saving you hours of cable reconnection.

Less congestion:

Since it's new, our router doesn't see much traffic. It can accommodate about 23 channels, which means that it has a bigger potential working channel count. As a result, the 5 GHz spectrum is less congested and cluttered.

Ease at home:

It can be comfortably used at home as it can connect many devices and use a seamless net for surfing. Also, it’s great for the gaming experience.

Good for the workplace:

It will support completing multiple tasks efficiently and also connecting various devices at the same time.

Complete lifecycle Management:

We offer complete lifecycle management on our router. This covers features like Out-of-Band Management, which are intended to give users more control and more productivity. Additionally, it offers carrier-class connectivity since this enables the use of software-specific modem versions that adhere to the network requirements of each operator as well as multi-level integrity tests that may forecast susceptible connections and cyber-attacks before they commence. One final element makes sure that our router is compatible with other devices: intelligent hybrid WAN connectivity. In a wired SD-WAN context, this technology aids in the delivery of router management, and SD-WAN installations, all-in-one capabilities.


The major benefit that 5G offers enterprise applications is its capacity to support a large number of connections and devices without slowing down or reducing availability. The ability to connect all devices to a single network not only facilitates the resolution of any difficulties that may occur but also enables network professionals to use technologies like network slicing to provide all devices on a network with the same level of advanced security provided by 5G. Furthermore, guests won't find 5G routers to be an eyesore hanging on the wall. Many 5G routers are ideal for deployment in pop-up shops, offices, and other spaces that would typically be deemed too tiny for router placement due to their versatility.

The fifth generation of cellular technology, or 5G:

Enables higher bandwidth, quicker speeds, and lower latency. This technology is ideal for both individuals and firms. The advantages of 5G make it simpler for organizations to streamline operations and enable more effective workflows. Additionally, existing network generations will gradually become less optimized and less effective as new 5G applications and use cases are developed. Therefore, the next router your company looks to buy must be our 5G router.