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Owing to inbuilt configuration management and monitoring control systems, Imperial Wireless provides connections that are robust and secure, have a large coverage area, and include industry-leading setup and management. To provide complete wired and business internet providers in my area this range comprises both internet and router service packages. Imperial Wireless offers great bundles and gives its customers access to all types of networking speeds. This package starts at $135.00 only which can easily be paid in four installments. The amount of each installment is $33.75 which can be paid after every two weeks.


Speed up to 12 MBPS:

It is suitable for two or more individuals that frequently stream HD or 4K video, use videoconferencing, play online games, transfer large files, or conduct home-based work. It is the suggested speed for playing games. To play online games, you need at least 4 to 8 megabits per second (Mbps), but 12 Mbps is usually sufficient. It is the suggested speed for high-quality streams and video conferencing.

It is sufficient enough for general browsing and email, streaming online radio, VOIP calls, telecommunicating, file downloading, social media, strong standard definition videos, high definition videos, zoom calls, Netflix viewing, and online gaming experience.

Downloading and transferring files:

Users frequently need to download data on their PCs, laptops, or mobile devices while surfing websites or utilizing apps. The text, images, or videos that are utilized on the websites or applications that users access could constitute this data. Most of this information is only stored on the device long enough to be used once before being deleted. A speed of 12 MBPS is sufficient enough for downloads and also for transferring files instantly.

Monitoring invoices:

With the assistance of this package, you can easily monitor and keep track of your invoices that are sent and received in the accounting system online. You can post your invoices and access the accounting entries produced by the ledgers or journals under the Reports area. The accounting records can be updated with your received invoices and any additional documents can be attached to the issued invoices easily at a speed of 12 MBPS, allowing you to examine them whenever you want. Send copies of your invoices, quotes, or orders to your customers without difficulty at any time, and check to see if they have got them.

Completing transactions online:

This package assists in making online transactions such as protected payment procedures, 2-Factor Verification, Authenticate Trades, Safeguard PCI Compliance, Facilitating sidesteps storage of Customer Information, use of Tokenization and Encryption, choosing a Secure E-commerce Platform, how to secure your website and also assists in executing simple web applications.


It’s not necessary to tether your employees to their desks. An employee can move about the office using our network and still access real-time data without losing connection to the corporate network. This improves teamwork and production within the organization, which is unattainable with a traditional network.

Unlimited data up to 55 GB

You can browse the web for about 600 hours on a 50GB data plan, stream 10,000 songs, or watch 100 hours of standard-definition video. With 55 GB of unlimited data, you can access 30 thousand web pages which are approx. 600 hours of browsing, you can send 17.5 million simple emails or one million emails with attachments, stream ten thousand songs, and stream 100 hours of videos. You can also make 200 hours of Skype video calls and 800 hours of online radio listening.

Browsing the web

The primary program on your laptop, phone, or tablet is the browser. You can freely converse with friends, work, learn, watch movies, and have fun on the web. For your daily amusement, you can enjoy streaming video and audio services, as well as online gaming. Use video calling to communicate with loved ones who are far away or to work or learn from home.

Good for 1-2 users:

It is particularly feasible for one to two users who want to make use of high-speed  for daily usage.

4G/5G Router included

We offer complete lifecycle management on our router. This covers features like Out-of-Band Management, which are intended to give users more control and more productivity. Additionally, it offers carrier-class connectivity since this enables the use of software-specific modem versions that adhere to the network requirements of each operator as well as multi-level integrity tests that may forecast susceptible connections and thwart cyber-attacks before they commence. One final element makes sure that our router is compatible with other devices: intelligent hybrid WAN connectivity. In a wired SD-WAN context, this technology aids in the delivery of router management, and SD-WAN installations, all-in-one capabilities.To check your internet speed download free software from getintopc


The initial price of this data plan of $135 can easily be paid in four installments. The amount of each installment is $33.75 which can be paid after every two weeks. All installments are interest-free. So place your right away as charges can be paid easily later in installments by using Shop Pay. Further, it will have no impact on your credit score.

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