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Imperial Wireless provides safe and reliable solutions for your feasibility. Imperial's best unlimited data plan offers a selection of 5G plans and family plans that differ in terms of speed, data, and cost for your convenience. This range comprises both imperial unlimited broadband packages to provide a complete wireless solution. It offers great bundles and gives its customers access to all types of surfing speeds. As the industry pioneer in networking, Imperial Wireless consistently provides innovative new products to the market that make use of cutting-edge technology to satisfy the ever-changing demands of our clients. This cheapest unlimited data plan package starts at $169.99 and is no exception. The base price for this package is $169.99 which can be paid in four interest-free installments of $42.49 every 2 weeks, the modem lease fee is $19.99, and the Imperial Fee is $10.


Speed of Up to 25mbps
Small households or individual users that utilize one to three devices per day can use 25 Mbps satellite service.  A 25 Mbps connection is sufficient for common online tasks like streaming 1080p HD video. With a 25 Mbps satellite connection, you can easily complete the following daily activities such as streaming light 4K video, Email, instant downloads of web pages, and streaming music.
Single-Player Games
For quality single-player gaming, particularly on mobile or smart devices, a 25 Mbps package is adequate. No matter where you play in your house, your game ought to run without a hitch.
Video Streaming
Videos in HD and 4K can be streamed at a 25 Mbps connection. Watch Netflix or YouTube on a single device without having to worry about interruptions or buffering.
Using a Home Office
With 25 Mbps, you can easily set up your solo office. Send emails, browse the web, and transfer files virtually without interruption. Web conferencing on a single device is also supported by your service. The suggested speed for basic streaming, such as watching Netflix movies or keeping up with online news sources, is 25 Mbps. 
The right-sized household can enjoy buffer-free Spotify playlists and video resolution of the highest caliber with 25 Mbps satellite access. You can concentrate on streaming the items you like when the pace is appropriate.
Unlimited data up to 100 GB
A monthly data plan of 100GB is a sizable amount. Most people agree that it's the closest thing to an unlimited data plan you can get without going all the way. You won't ever need to be concerned about running out of data. With the fast speeds of our unlimited plans, buffering and lagging won't be a big concern for you.
Browsing the Web
The primary program on your laptop, phone, or tablet is the browser. You can freely converse with friends, work, learn, watch movies, and have fun on the web. For your daily amusement, you can enjoy streaming video and audio services, as well as online gaming. Use video calling to communicate with loved ones who are far away or to work or learn from home.
    Good for 2-3 users: This package can be feasibly used by a whole family. A 10 Mbps line should be adequate for a small household. Up to three devices can connect simultaneously at this speed and enjoy seamless connectivity.
    Whole home Mesh
    The name “mesh network” itself implies that every component of your Wi-Fi system is working together, and seamless roaming is a perfect example of that.
    So with seamless roaming, you only have one network with one name and password—that means that as you move about your home, you’ll never have to manually switch from one network to the other.  So go ahead, and stream video in the living, kitchen, or bedroom without worrying about buffering or a dropped connection.
    Imperial mesh whole home Wi-Fi system is adaptable and scalable, providing you with a configurable way to increase Wi-Fi range without having to add range extenders, which have difficulties with speed and usability. Your nodes can be located everywhere in your house, just as placing lighting fixtures to illuminate it. You decide which areas require coverage and when it's necessary to add additional units to boost the signal even further.
    5G Router included
     We offer complete lifecycle management on our router. This covers features like Out-of-Band Management, which are intended to give users more control and more productivity. Additionally, it offers carrier-class connectivity since this enables the use of software-specific modem versions that adhere to the network requirements of each operator as well as multi-level integrity tests that may forecast susceptible connections and thwart cyber-attacks before they commence. One final element makes sure that our router is compatible with other devices: intelligent hybrid WAN connectivity. In a wired SD-WAN context, this technology aids in the delivery of router management, and SD-WAN installations, all-in-one capabilities.