Get Connected With Imperial Wireless-Top Wireless Internet Provider in NYC, NY

Wireless Internet Service Provider

WISPs deliver data via radio waves between a central tower and customer premises equipment (CPE). WISPs can thus provide robust connectivity to places not served by regular wired ISPs, such as rural and suburban neighborhoods.

Imperial Wireless is the top wireless internet provider in NYC, NY, offering residential and business data plans. These services are comparable to mobile phone plans because you can choose a postpaid or prepaid plan.

Wireless Internet Benefits and Drawbacks

Imperial Wireless, a top internet service provider in NYC, NY, is providing 300 MBPS, 500 MBPS, 750 MBPS, and I gig affordable data plans.


  • Simple to install (no professional installation required)
  • There is no need for a huge modem or router (although larger hotspot devices provide a stronger signal).
  • Prepaid and postpaid alternatives are available.


  • Slower speeds are more common.
  • The majority have limited data allowances.
  • It is costly to increase the data limit.
  • Some plans charge for extra data consumed (beyond your monthly allowance).

Downloading Speed

Cordless broadband comes far from the highest speeds of wired choices like cable, DSL, and especially fiber internet. While acquiring a mobile service connectivity with download rates of up to 90Mbps is possible, it is more normal to find plans with speeds of around 12-15Mbps.


If you intend to share your cell phone's web access with everyone in the family, you should investigate a different choice, as these speeds are unlikely to suffice. This can be particularly relevant if you are an ardent online gamer or often stream HD video.

Mobile internet speeds should be adequate if you only require online access for basic web browsing and viewing your social media feeds. Even watching your favorite films on Netflix should be all right with wire-free broadband; however, if speed and dependability are important, you should consider a wired option.


Another consideration when selecting a mobile package is the speed of tethering. When utilizing your cell phone broadband device as a hotspot, some plans only enable 3G speeds.

How Can I Get Wireless Internet?

Compared to wired connections, the installation process for cordless broadband is far simpler. You only need a wireless hotspot device with a SIM card port to start! You can even use an extra cell phone to access online via mobile.

Check with your cell phone ISP provider whether they sell hotspot devices. Once your mobile hotspot device is operational, you can easily link your other gadgets to your connection account. Locate your wifi network using your device (like any other wifi connection), input your password, and you're done.

Make sure you require a password when configuring your mobile broadband, or else your connection will be accessible and free for everyone in your vicinity to use. You want to avoid random people using your portable connection, do you?

Contracts and Pricing

The best thing about most mobile broadband options is that they do not bind you to a contract. So you may test it out for a month and then look into other options if you are dissatisfied with the connectivity or connection.

Postpaid and prepaid mobile data plans are available.

Higher download speeds, along with additional ones every month, come at a price, rendering mobile broadband a last alternative for people on a tight budget who demand unlimited data and blazing-fast connections. Wireless broadband may be worth your time if you're often on the go.

Common Wireless Internet Concerns

Is Wireless Internet Reliable?

Your mobile broadband connection is as dependable as the carrier's network allows. Consider the reception you now have on your cell phone.

Depending on your chosen plan and carrier, your download speeds may be affected during congestion.

Can I combine wireless internet with television and phone service?

To compare bundles, search for them, search the Imperial data plan comparison engine, and then filter the results using the "Bundle Options" option.

If you need a TV and a home phone line, consider a wired data plan package, as bundling these services can save you much money!

Can I Use My Wireless Internet Connection Outside My House?

Yes, without a doubt! The portability of wireless internet is part of its appeal. You can take your broadband anywhere with a little mobile hotspot device. Because these gadgets typically have batteries, you don't need to plug them in to connect to the internet.

It is worth noting that certain hotspot devices are bulkier and less portable. These often have a longer range and are ideal for large homes.