Unlimited Wireless Internet 300 MBPS Plan In USA

5G Wireless Internet is the latest Internet technology in the world. Many internet service providers are providing the latest 5G technology. The Competition level is quite high in this industry. Among many other companies, Imperial Wireless is a leading Wireless Internet provider. Thousands of people trust our internet service. We are serving our customers for years. We aim to provide the best internet service to our customers to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. 5G internet is the fastest internet technology in today's world. 5G means the 5th generation of internet technology.


It uses different radio frequencies that make it faster than the previous internet technologies. We offer a fast internet connection that has ultra-low latency. Moreover, we offer a higher data transfer rate. With this high speed, it is possible to stream 4K videos and games online without worrying about slower internet speed. We offer 24/7 network monitoring to ensure internet speed is not compromised. In case of any problem with your connection, you can contact our customer support team which is available 24/7 to help you out. Our team consists of experienced technicians that are skilled in their fields.   

Wireless Internet 300 MBPS Plan

Imperial Wireless offers Internet streaming services that range from location assessments, layout, and growth through connecting to networks and activating. We also provide ongoing maintenance, maintenance remote monitoring, as well as health checks to ensure that your network is working fine. Imperial's most popular unlimited wireless internet plan gives you 5G wireless service. The plan includes both imperial unlimited Wi-Fi plans and unlimited bandwidth plans to offer the complete wireless experience. It has excellent bundles and provides clients access to all kinds of internet plans.

There aren't any additional hidden charges.

The unlimited internet package includes 300 MB of unlimited internet access, along with 5G/5G+ services Internet with 20 hours of battery backup in case power goes out. It has a dual-carrier multi-sim to make an incredible connection to the local network. There are no formal agreements and no credit checks. It can be used for up to forty devices. This is a great option for workplaces. It is possible to access additional data up to 1 GB for the price of one dollar. Imperial customer service is available 24 hours a day to assist you.


300 MBPS

We offer 300 MBPS of speed with unlimited data. It has seamless connectivity that will play a vital role when you stream online videos or download heavy files. No matter how many devices you connect, the speed won't slow down. 

No Contracts

There are a variety of internet service providers available on the market. You don't need to enter into a contract with an internet service provider you've never used. It's obvious, why would you sign a contract that makes you obligated? We've got very special deals for our customers. You can keep the services as long as you would want to. It is an excellent deal for people who are trying new services. 

Customer support

Our professional team is always available. When you sign-up for this service, techs will visit your home to install the internet device. After that, you will enjoy the most reliable internet connection.

Refund Policy

We allow you to return the product if you're unhappy with our service. But there's an expiration date. You can return it in 15 days. The return will not be accepted after 15 days. There are additional requirements too. To be eligible to return the item, it should be in the identical state that it was when you first received it. Original tags have to be attached to the item and also.

Shipping Policy

We use delivery companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx to deliver all our equipment. After you have placed your order, it will take between three to five working days to get to you. After you receive your equipment, you'll be given 15 days from the delivery date to determine if you wish to retain the equipment or return it. If you require assistance, please reach out to our customer service department.


Imperial Wireless provides the highest quality internet for the most affordable price. The biggest advantage of this company is that the customers don't have to sign a contract. This means there's no obligation to keep the services. Customers can keep the service for as long as they are satisfied. Furthermore, we will not run any credit checks once you purchase our internet plan. You'll be amazed to hear that high-speed Internet packages are starting from as low as $80.00 monthly. Don't miss the chance to experience the speedy Internet. Join us today!


Does your equipment or services become affected by my relocation?

If you're interested in carrying the equipment you've purchased, get in touch with an Imperial representative. It is possible to install the equipment yourself when you're in the new area.

What effect can it make on the bill?

You'll be able to access your current Imperial account to pay your bill using the various payment options if you're thinking of changing your location. To find out more about additional options for service or enhancements that may be available in the new location, please contact our Customer Support.

How to connect my laptop to the Imperial Wireless Wi-Fi router?

There are two ways to achieve this. If your desktop computer has an integrated Wi-Fi device, you can connect it. If you don't have a Wi-Fi card in the personal machine (CPU) then you'll need to connect it using the Ethernet patch cable. Connect one of its ends to one of the Imperial devices. Connect the other part of it to your computer's Ethernet port. You'll be connected to an active internet connection.